Here we grow again!

Here we grow again!

Warning: We Do Not Hire People Who Are Scared To Make Decisions, Need A Job Or Wish You Would Hand Them A To-Do List

We are on a hunt right this second for someone that isn't looking for a “job”.  We are acting fast & swiftly to find you or someone you know.  If you are happy in your job & a current rock star at what you do, perfect.  We love your type & we will find you.

If you go to job boards & submit resumes everywhere because you aren’t happy where you are & complain about your boss, you probably aren’t what we are looking for.

Who are we at Rawk Imprinting?

We are a team of people that love:

  • Dance Parties – If you can’t pause for a dance party in the middle of the day. No need to apply.
  • Faith that moves mountains - We take our faith and Christian walk serious. Maybe you could start our day with a short devotion, motivating quote, or prayer. Having a bad day? Let's stop where we are and pray. Seek God's face. We pray about all things. If it is not the will of the father, we don't want any part. 
  • Taking On The Big Boys In The Industry Head On – Go read the David & Goliath story.
  • Personal Growth – We read books, listen to podcast, & ask 10X more questions than we give answers.
  • Taking Care of Each Other – Back to back in the bunker & taking shots for who we love.
  • Building Systems – Getting the work done isn’t the goal, getting the system built that gets the work done is
  • Those are just a few…

Okay, let’s get down to business.  We are looking for…

1. People That Don’t Take Themselves Too Seriously

You laugh a lot.  You smile.  You can take a joke & a few interruptions.  You don’t one-up people & as a matter of fact, a one-upper makes you sick.  You can have a blast.

2. People That Do What They Say They Will Do

Being late makes you nauseated.  When you say you will be there, you will be there.  You don’t need management.  You aren’t a dreamer as much as a doer.  Sure, you can dream but you realize that dreams don’t matter if you can’t get crap done.

Your friends would say you’re the most responsible one of the group.  You’re the type that stays late after the Super Bowl & helps the host clean every last dish.  Leaving them with a dirty kitchen isn’t fathomable to you.

3. People That Create To-Do List’s

If you are waiting for a lot of direction from a supervisor, wrong place.  Sure, we will get you up to speed, but you must be over-the-top proactive.  If you like to be told what to do & need a lot of daily direction, you will not make it.

4. People That Love People

You build others up.  You look people in the eyes & tell them why you are grateful for them.  You squash gossip. You default to grace & forgiveness.  You handle hard conversations well & aren’t afraid to speak the truth in love. DRAMA IS NOT PERMITTED. 

You probably have many people that think you are their best friend because you treat everyone that way.

5. People That Don’t Whine About How Hard It is

Here is the reality of a growing business.  It’s hard.  Very hard.  If you are looking for easy, go to Disney World & ride It’s A Small World.  Most people don’t think they are whiners.  We will sniff it out in the interview process that is VERY LONG & VERY DETAILED.  If you are negative or a pessimist, move on…

You welcome problems to fix because you know the bigger the problems you solve, the more difference you make.

1 Position Available

If you have read this far, you are probably one of these people we are looking for.  Let’s get more detailed.  All positions receive a base pay.

1. Embroidery Specialist 

  • Operate embroidery machines to create designated garments and pieces.
  • Load and ready fabric, threads, needles and goods.
  • Follow style, color and design guidelines to create standard products.
  • You like to make stuff happen with a creative mindset. This is a VERY high paced position. 
  • Organization is a must. 
  • Experience is not required but helpful. On-site training will be provided.
  • No education necessary. 
  • Must be able to stay off cell phone unless emergency. We are here to work not play. 😁
  • This is a full time position working Mon-Fri 9-5. 

    Your Next Steps

    Rawk Imprinting is a fun, casual place to work, but we take our commitment to creating excellent customer service seriously. If you think that you would be a good fit for this position please click here for your application or for more information you can email

    • Resume (their overrated, but sometimes necessary.)
    • **MORE IMPORTANTLY** Send us a list of 5 results you have created in your life. Five of the top things you are most proud of that you created.
    • Tell us why you are interested in this position and what makes you a perfect fit. 
    • That's it. . . If you hesitate, you aren't our type. Bring it. Can't wait to meet you in person.

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